Monday, November 1, 2010

letter about speak

To whom it may concern,
I read the book “Speak” in english class. Melinda the girl in the book that was raped, goes through a tough time in high school with her rapist in the same school. It explain her story and how she dealt with her rape I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It tells a story about girl that gets raped and how she goes finally tells someone. It shows how someone goes through a rape. It also shows how you should listen to people that has been raped and how you should help them. 
Mr. Scroggins say its “soft pornography”. Rape isn’t pretty. High Schooler or who ever read it should know how some people go through rape. You should read the book. After you read the book you know how someone goes through rape and how you should reacted to rape. I don’t think this book should be banned. It not a “soft pornography” and is a book about what happens in real life.
Freshman from maine

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