Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Opinion Of The Death Penalty

I agree with the death penalty. If you kill someone you should die too. One man i learned about sexually assaulted three women and then murdered them by stabbing them. Thats three lives token away for no reason. A woman abused a child till the child die. She deserved to die. She killed a child. Trying rob someone and you kill someone you should die to. You shouldn't have tired to robbed a person and you wouldn't of killed someone. If you kill someone you should die too. Even if they do something to you that makes you wanna kill them and if you do you should still do the death penalty. If you kill someone you should die too.

The death penalty should be only used if you kill someone. Like if you rob place you should just go to jail. Death penalty for robbery or anything else beside murdered is a little much. If you get the death penalty for a robbery then all robbers should get the death penalty.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Book review of "Daniel Half Human"

   Daniel Half Human is by David chotjewitz. The book is about Daniel live in Germany and thinks he is pure  Aryan. Hitler has gotten the power in Germany. Daniel and his best friend Armin wants to join HJ but Daniel parents will not let him, for they are keeping a big secret.

    He is half Jew. The major conflict is that Daniel is half Jew and he doesn't want to. He just wants to fit in. Armin his best friend joins the HJ and tells that Daniel is half Jew.

   I loved the book. I like historical fiction but based on some real stories. He has action and has a twist how he's best friend tells on him. The book is 291 pages. Reads fast if you like those type of books (historical fiction). The book goes from Daniel going back to Germany being grown up and apart of the army, to when he was a child back an forth through the whole book.

Monday, November 1, 2010

letter about speak

To whom it may concern,
I read the book “Speak” in english class. Melinda the girl in the book that was raped, goes through a tough time in high school with her rapist in the same school. It explain her story and how she dealt with her rape I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It tells a story about girl that gets raped and how she goes finally tells someone. It shows how someone goes through a rape. It also shows how you should listen to people that has been raped and how you should help them. 
Mr. Scroggins say its “soft pornography”. Rape isn’t pretty. High Schooler or who ever read it should know how some people go through rape. You should read the book. After you read the book you know how someone goes through rape and how you should reacted to rape. I don’t think this book should be banned. It not a “soft pornography” and is a book about what happens in real life.
Freshman from maine

Friday, October 22, 2010

Found Poem: Bullying

I'd be playing
with blocks and
they'd knock down
the tower.

Hated me.
People who make sure
you're left out.
Nobody wants to be
with you.
We are overweight.

Can't show a reaction.
Even a waver in your voice.
They'll feed off that.

I used to have thin skin.
You get over it in time.
And just grow a thicker one.