Thursday, January 20, 2011


   Peer editing is good because you are having another student reading it and having there opinion on it. The teacher conference I like the most because you can hear it out loud and hear the mistakes. I think conferencing will make you a better writer because you can take about mistakes and talk about what you can do better.


  I used to never read before till high school. SSR has changed my reading habit because I'm actually reading. The benefits are that your reading so you might get into a book and like so you actually read it. I don't really have a plan to read more or less just going to read.


   Blogging is a different writing style then i am used to. I think it has help because it's writing. I have never been good at writing so writing more helps and the style is good cause blogs are short. Goals are that blogging will be easier to write.

Arizona Shooting

   A Arizona shooting killed six people and wounded 13. Jared lee Loughner was the killer. His lawyer will try to keep him off death row because of his mental state. Loughner is charged with murder and attempted murder. Loughner lawyer will seek a change of venue for the trail. His lawyer is going to gather evidence to make him seem crazy. Prosecutors will probably counter any insanity defence and argue his execution.

   I think that if he is not insane or crazy he should get the death penatly but if he is insane he should go to the hostpital. If he is insane that probably why he did it. He didn't get help so he probably explode an did what he did because he is crazy. If he isn't crazy or insane he should get the death penatly because he did it on purpose.